A playful, temporal collaborative work from re-purposed materials developed for The Bender, a one-night only art event at The Lock-Up, Newcastle. Fugitive takes the form of multiple large, inflatable artworks. The work is a playful temporal and spatial extension of an ongoing creative collaboration between Ahn Wells, Alison Smith and Caelli Jo Brooker. Recognising The […]


The fourth Trionym exhibition collaboration at Factory 49 in Marrickville.12–21 September 2019 Interstice represents new work by Alison Smith, Ahn Wells and Caelli Jo Brooker, and is the fourth shared exhibition by the trio of Newcastle artists. There is a linear element in Interstice that weaves between the spaces of its title to connect the work, acknowledging the links between the three idiosyncratic practitioners. […]

Trilogy: Territory, Marks, Remains

A collaborative Artists’ Book Project exhibited as part of the third Trionym exhibition, Embedded, at Gallery 139 in Newcastle. Trilogy: Territory, Marks, Remains, is a collaborative artists’ book that extends a shared exhibition partnership between three Newcastle artists. The book’s pages are characterised by juxtapositions of each maker’s idiosyncratic visual language, drawing thematically and materially […]


The third Trionym exhibition collaboration at Gallery 139 in Newcastle.Thursday 24 May – Sunday 10 June 2018  Embedded brings Caelli Jo Brooker, Alison Smith and Ahn Wells together for a third time, exhibiting their most recent work and exploring some of the key motifs and forms embedded within the trio’s ongoing creative work and exhibition […]


New work by Alison Smith, Caelli Jo Brooker & Ahn Wells and the second Trionym exhibition collaboration at Acrux Gallery in Newcastle.THURSDAY 2 NOVEMBER–SATURDAY 18 NOVEMBER 2017 In Conditional, Caelli Jo Brooker, Alison Smith and Ahn Wells are drawn together for a second time as a trio, to share their most recent work, and explore […]

Turning Over

The first Trionym exhibition collaboration at Art Systems Wickham in Newcastle.18 –27 NOVEMBER 2016 Turning Over features new work by three Newcastle based artists – Caelli Jo Brooker, Alison Smith and Ahn Wells, whose recent explorations into sculpture, photo media and painting have prompted the group to exhibit together.  The exhibition’s title references multiple thematic […]