Trilogy: Territory, Marks, Remains

A collaborative Artists’ Book Project exhibited as part of the third Trionym exhibition, Embedded, at Gallery 139 in Newcastle.

Trilogy: Territory, Marks, Remains, is a collaborative artists’ book that extends a shared exhibition partnership between three Newcastle artists. The book’s pages are characterised by juxtapositions of each maker’s idiosyncratic visual language, drawing thematically and materially on familiar artistic practices and concerns. These individual themes are represented by the terms Territory, Marks and Remains present in the book title, but more importantly, these three themes find new form in re-combination and intersection, as new visual expressions and meanings are gained through proximity and process. Lines, shapes and marks are called together through a circular lens and format that circumscribes territories both shared and personal, as well as embodying cycles of making, unmaking and remaking. The drawn and printed language of Trilogy is presented through the codex form as a mode of expression that embodies the creative relationships, connections and interplay at work within the trio’s ongoing creative collaboration.

Trilogy: Territory, Marks, Remains
Caelli Jo Brooker, Alison Smith, Ahn Wells
woodcut, letterpress, gocco print, monotype, digital print, ink, acrylic, pencil, card, cloth and thread on mixed paper stocks in handmade solander box
2017 – 2018
42 x 30 x 3cm (closed book size – display dimensions variable)

Trilogy Book Project