The fourth Trionym exhibition collaboration at Factory 49 in Marrickville.
12–21 September 2019

Interstice represents new work by Alison Smith, Ahn Wells and Caelli Jo Brooker, and is the fourth shared exhibition by the trio of Newcastle artists.

There is a linear element in Interstice that weaves between the spaces of its title to connect the work, acknowledging the links between the three idiosyncratic practitioners. Rather than by explicit design, these works are developed in aligned, but parallel practices, and the collaborative element becomes evident in the eventual drawing together of conceptual and material concerns.

These synergies span ceramics, drawing, painting and fibre, as multiple forms and media unite at the exhibition stage, where new links between practices are made and strengthened though the curation and installation process. This shared approach is a tested principle that has emerged between the three practices – allowing each artist to pursue their individual trajectories, and trust in the mutual results. In this incarnation, the strategy has developed further to reveal a more consciously collaborative and visually connected exhibition in Interstice.

Interstice @ Factory 49