A playful, temporal collaborative work from re-purposed materials developed for The Bender, a one-night only art event at The Lock-Up, Newcastle.

Fugitive takes the form of multiple large, inflatable artworks. The work is a playful temporal and spatial extension of an ongoing creative collaboration between Ahn Wells, Alison Smith and Caelli Jo Brooker.
Recognising The Lock-Up’s transformative use of historical site and space, this work playfully suggests aligned alternative forms of creative presentation and production. In the experimental and exploratory spirit of The Bender, the project investigates temporary site activation, and confronts the material and temporal challenge of occupying a site outside the expected and familiar affordances of the traditional gallery space.
Thematically, the work reflects on the nature of ‘the fugitive’ – its multiple literary, social, and durational meanings and connotations in connection with the historical use and occupation of The Lock-Up site, the one-night timeframe of the event, and the possibilities of the temporal as a strategy for visual activation.
In proposing fugitive, we are trusting in our shared visual and material concerns to interpret these themes and support the process of a creative translation of our work for a temporal medium and event, and a result that is collaborative, light-hearted, and bouncy!
For fugutive, we draw on collective visual strategies that correspond across our existing work as a trio – such as the use of organic pattern, mark-making and line; high modes of contrast; and a palette that often favour the monochrome.

fugitive @ The Bender