The third Trionym exhibition collaboration at Gallery 139 in Newcastle.
Thursday 24 May – Sunday 10 June 2018 

Embedded brings Caelli Jo Brooker, Alison Smith and Ahn Wells together for a third time, exhibiting their most recent work and exploring some of the key motifs and forms embedded within the trio’s ongoing creative work and exhibition collaborations.

As each artist works in parallel, trusting the outcomes of the other, the curious and subliminal layers of unintentional collaboration are most revealed through the exhibition and installation processes itself, as unconscious connections emerge through the processes of drawing familiar, but idiosyncratic practices together.

In framing these different perspectives, Embedded also represents the third installment of shared exhibition titles themed through identifying ‘states’ such as ‘turning over’ and ‘conditional’. The latest theme describes the shared and embedded state of creative preoccupation with aspects of abstraction, repetition, symbol, shape, form, pattern, distillation and line, and the collective process of trusting the evolving exploration of these recurrent creative strategies to materialise contrast and connection. 

Caelli Jo Brooker’s new work examines cycles and processes of making, and the ebb and flow of creative profession and practice. In these works, the mark operates as a more formal creative strategy set apart from its usual role as an expressive and idiosyncratic signature. The mark is meditative and repeated, functioning deliberately as a generative mechanism for realising an image, and aligned with the designed form more than the rehearsed, or spontaneous gesture. The recurring moon motif in the work represents the ever-present, but shifting pull of the ideas that attract us and the making that compels us. 

Alison Smith’s new works on paper are the most deeply personal she has produced for some time. The shapes that are referenced are the result of many years of working with particular forms and recalling lines that are deeply embedded. They reveal a distilled version of many previous explorations and examine how those abstractions could be coerced into representing emotional aspects of her current life. These forms have become a way of referencing, not just the physical world around her, but her emotional states within it. 

Ahn Wells has continued to explore the mediums of drawing, textiles and ceramics while continuing to be influenced by the art vocabulary of minimalism and abstract art learned during formal study. For this exhibition, she consciously combines these materials to further explore her non-objective approach to art-making. Traditional and non-traditional craft materials and techniques are used to push the ideas of repetition, order/disorder, surface manipulation and pattern formation that has remained a constant throughout her art practice. 

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Embedded @ Gallery 139